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Angela Rayner's efforts rubbished as Red Wall rejects Labour: 'You don't look like me!'


Ms Rayner and the Labour Party’s bid to reclaim the North of England’s Red Wall will be in vain, as voters believe the outfit no longer represents them, Express.co.uk was told. The party is currently trying to defend its Hartlepool seat that sits in the Wall. Many believe Sir Keir Starmer is set to lose the upcoming by-election after fielding a pro-Remain candidate in a place that voted to leave the EU in 2016 by 70 percent.

Paul Embery, a leading trade unionist and Labour member, told Express.co.uk that it is yet another example of Sir Keir and the party failing to recognise the issues at hand.

While he and the likes of Ms Rayner continue to miss such opportunities, voters in those communities, Mr Embery said, realise that Labour no longer speaks for them.

This coincides with a surge in party membership in cities but a decline in traditional Labour heartlands like Wales, the Midlands and Northern England, according to a Fabian Society thinktank research paper published in 2018.

Mr Embery conceded there is a need for “middle class, liberal” city-dwellers in Labour, but claimed that the balance had been tipped too far one way.

He said: “We need that layer of middle class, urban liberals in the party, but it’s always been a coalition; it’s always been Hampstead and Hartlepool.

“The problem is the pendulum has swung too far towards Hampstead and away from Hartlepool.

“And so now the Labour Party is a party for student radicals and social activists and middle class liberals in the cities and people who work in the professional and managerial sectors – and people can see that.

“People in places like Hartlepool can see that and think, ‘Actually, that’s your kind of party. It’s not my kind of party, it doesn’t speak my language, talk about my priorities, or about the things that matter to me. You don’t look like me, you don’t sound like me.’

“Labour has got to welcome Red Wall voters into the party instead of treating them like embarrassing elderly relatives which is what they’ve done for too many years, that’s the truth of it.”

Ms Rayner has pitted herself as the politician of the working classes during her time in Westminster.

Herself from humble beginnings, Ms Rayner, as described in her profile on Labour’s website, prides herself as not being “an Oxbridge-educated, former Special Adviser, professional politician”.

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Writing on Twitter earlier this month, Ms Rayner hit-out at the Conservative Party about cutting public spending and not giving key workers a pay rise.

Meanwhile, a telephone poll carried out by Survation last week found that Jill Mortimer, the Tory candidate, has support from 49 percent of voters, while Labour’s Paul Williams has 42 percent.

A Labour source told The Daily Telegraph the party now expects the seat to turn blue for the first time since 1964.

They said: “Labour would have lost Hartlepool in 2019 had it not been for the Brexit Party.

“In the context of the vaccine bounce, the Conservatives should take this seat.”

Mike Hill, the current Hartlepool MP, resigned this year following allegations of sexual harassment which he denies.

His majority was significantly reduced in 2019 when Richard Tice, the chairman of the Brexit Party, stood and took a quarter of the vote share.

Many say Sir Keir’s choice of Mr Williams as a candidate is further proof that the Labour leader does not understand the country.

After 2016, Mr Williams backed a second referendum on the Brexit vote.

Sir Keir has since defended him and his decision to field the practising GP.


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