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Android vs iOS: The one big drawback of choosing Google over Apple


For over a decade now Android and iOS have dominated the smartphone marketplace. If you’re looking to get a new smartphone then it’s a simple choice between whether you’re tied into the Apple ecosystem and love the iPhone brand, or like the wider range of options offered by phones powered by Google’s Android operating system. But if you’re thinking of choosing Android over iOS for your next device then you need to be aware of one major drawback.

As reported by Android Police, a new study from Decluttr has looked at which phones retain their value the most.

And the research revealed iOS phones have a better resale value than its Android counterparts.

Eight out of the ten top phones that retain their value over time are iPhones.

The top ranked phone was Apple’s iPhone 11, which maintained 63 percent of its value over 12 months.

In second and third were the iPhone XS Max and iPhone 11 Pro Max which retained 57 percent of its value during the same period.

The highest ranked Android phone was the Google Pixel 3a, which kept 48 percent of its resale value a year after launch.

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But the Pixel 3a was only the ninth best rated phone for keeping its value. The tenth ranked was the original Google Pixel XL which retained 47 percent of its price tag for the same time period.

The research also looked at the top 10 phones which depreciated in value the most. And all of the phones in this list were Android devices.

The Pixel 2 saw the biggest drop, retaining just 23 percent of its value after a year. This was followed by the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL which both retained 27 percent of its value after 12 months.

The Pixel 2XL is next up, retaining 28 percent of its value after a year – which is the same amount as the Samsung Z Flip. The Samsung Galaxy S9+ held onto 32 percent of its value, with the Galaxy S8 holding onto 30 percent.

The Samsung Galaxy S9, S10 5G and S8+ all retained 29 percent of its value a year after launching. The full study can be found on the Declutter website by clicking here.

Outlining the findings, the resale site said: “From trade-in data, we can see which phone brands retain their value the best – and it’s good news for iPhone fans, as Apple continues to hold the top spot.

“On average, iPhones lose 49 percent of their value in the 12 months after they are released and 66 percent by the end of a standard 24-month contract period.

“Samsung takes the number two spot with their mobile phones losing an average of 65 percent of their value in the 12 months after launch, a figure that rises to 79 percent after 24 months.

“Google phones experience the highest rates of depreciation, losing an average of 80 percent in the 24 months after their release.”

The findings of the study were based on the responses of 2,000 phone users in the US who were asked about their trade-in habits.

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