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Andrew Neil's fury at BBC: 'Unhappy with how they treated me'


Mr Neil revealed that he was to leave the BBC in September, also announcing he would go on to chair GB News. He said: “GB News is the most exciting thing to happen in British television news for more than 20 years. “We will champion robust, balanced debate and a range of perspectives on the issues that affect everyone in the UK, not just those living in London. “We’ve seen a huge gap in the market for a new form of television news. “GB News is aimed at the vast number of British people who feel underserved and unheard by their media.”

The journalist also opened up about his time at the BBC, saying he was “unhappy” with how he was treated by the end of his time with the public broadcaster.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Mr Neil was asked about the reason he had left and the suggestions that he had been pushed out due to his own political views.

He replied: “Oh you’ll have to ask the BBC to [get the] answer to that.

“There have been times when I was unhappy with how the BBC has treated me.

“I’m as neutral as anybody else at the BBC.”

The journalist also said on Twitter that he was leaving with a “heavy heart” and that he had “no animosity” towards the BBC, but he also said that the “damage was done”.

Mr Neil tweeted: “With heavy heart (sic) I announce I will be leaving the BBC. Despite sterling efforts by new DG (Director General) to come up with other programming opportunities, it could not quite repair damage done when Andrew Neil Show cancelled early summer and Politics Live taken off air.

“But I leave with no animosity or desire to settle scores. I look back on my 25 years doing live political programmes for the BBC with affection.

“And gratitude for brilliant colleagues at Millbank, who always made sure I went into the studio fully briefed and equipped for the fray.”

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“Not radical left, but centre-left, a bit more left, and so on.

“For the BBC I would say it’s a moderate centre-left outlook. It’s a metropolitan outlook, with metropolitan values.”

He continued: “It’s not me saying it. The Director-General has said it. Andrew Marr has said it.

“The BBC was happiest when Tony Blair was Prime Minister because they have a Blairite view on life.”


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