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Andrea McLean: Loose Women star shares naked video of husband Nick after hot tub session


Former Loose Women anchor Andrea McLean has risked frustrating the bosses behind Facebook and Instagram with her latest posts. The broadcaster shared a series of videos as she enjoyed a morning dip in her hot tub.

Andrea, 51, took to her social media to inform her 297,000 that she had been awake for hours and had chosen to make the most of it.

The broadcaster admitted that she had woken up around 4am as her mind had been “whirring with ideas”.

It comes just a year after Andrea stepped down from her role on Loose Women in order to focus on other projects.

She told viewers that it had been a “big decision to jump” after realising that she was not doing “everything” that she wanted to do.

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Andrea told her followers: “When you’ve been awake since 4am/ish because your mind is whirring with ideas….

“So you tiptoe outside and watch the sunrise from a nice hot bubbly bath… That’s a great way to start a Thursday.”

She later went on to share a video of her husband Nick that could have risked the wrath of social media bosses removing her account.

Sharing a fully nude video clip of her husband, with his intimate areas carefully pixelated, Andrea penned: “Just caught @lordfeeney post-shower under the garden hose. By the bins. Oh, the glamour…”

Last week, the star, who found fame as a weather presenter, revealed that she feared she may have needed to sell her house after leaving Loose Women.

Speaking to former Emmerdale actress, Natalie Anderson on The Capsule in Conversation podcast, she said: “I knew I had to take a deep breath and just be brave, so Nick and I sat down and we worked out, very logically.”

Andrea went on to say: “Leaving a job that you’ve done for two decades and it’s all you’ve ever known really, to absolutely turn right and do something very different, is a very emotional experience as well as a very practical one.

“We sat down and said, ‘What’s the worst thing that can happen?’ Right, I never earn a penny. We’ll have to sell the house.”

The Glasgow-born presenter joked: “We may have to sell the children, maybe the dog, we went through the list.”

Speaking of her final thought process, she added: “Once I knew I had coping strategies in place for every worst-case scenario, I’d already looked them in the eye and said, ‘Yep, I can live with that,’ and, ‘I can live with that as well.’

“I knew I could do it, so let’s do it, so I just jumped and it is the most euphoric and terrifying experience at the same time.

“You jump, but what if I fall and face plant? But what if I fly. It’s one of my favourite quotes.”


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