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American lists 'five reasons UK is worse than USA' including 'more racism' and 'bad food'

An American TikToker has revealed five reasons why he thinks that America is better than the UK, after spending three months visiting from across the pond.

The TikToker, from Houston, who goes by the name shawnthefoodsheep, said the “food sucks” in the UK.

He started by saying: “The stereotype is true. Food in the UK is not anywhere close to the US. I tried more than 50 restaurants there and most of them didn’t hit.”

He went on: “They’ll make the argument that US food is just fattening and filled with sugar but the fact remains, UK food sucks.”

During the video, which he shared with his 200,000 followers, the TikToker also said that “the UK has got solid nature” but can’t be compared to “the mountains in Colorado, the water in Florida or beaches in California”.

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If you can’t see the video above, click here to watch it.

However, he went on to say “I’m just stating my personal experiences – I love both countries”. Ending the video, he said: “America, I love ya.”

One user commented on the video, which has over 9,700 likes, that “there’s more to the UK than just London,” referring to the videos, which appeared to mostly be shot in the Capital.

Replying to Shawn’s comments on UK food, one person wrote: “America if you like fast food, UK if you like incredible flavours from across the globe”.

But Shawn responded to the comment, saying: “I’d give American food an ‘A’ and UK food a ‘C’. There was some good food in the UK but overall, the USA is top tier.”

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