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Amazon knocks £230 off 'exceptional' 4K QLED Fire TV that’s 'on par with Samsung'

Amazon has knocked £230 off a 4K QLED Fire TV that shoppers have hailed as ‘exceptional’ and ‘on par with Samsung’. The 43” Amazon Fire Omni QLED 4K UHD smart TV is now £230 off at £319.99, down from its usual £549.99 price tag.

There’s also big discounts on the larger models, including the 50” for £399.99, 55” for £479.99 and 65” for £799.99. The Fire TV boasts a 4K QLED display that makes films, TV shows and sports glow with ‘true-to-life’ colours, shadows and detail that are complemented with deep, realistic colour thanks to Dolby Vision IQ and HDR10+.

The device also features adaptive brightness that automatically optimises the brightness of films and TV programmes through a built-in sensor that detects the lighting in your room, while the Fire TV Ambient Experience can turn the screen into a canvas for displaying free artwork, personal photos, Alexa widgets and more. There’s also access to mountains of entertainment via apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, ITVX and more with the ‘easy-to-use’ home screen. 

The smart TV offers voice control with Alexa, meaning users can ask to turn on the TV, find certain shows and more without using the remote. The Amazon Fire TV has earned 4.1 stars out five after 697 ratings, with 394 of them five-star. Amazon customers have said the budget-friendly device is ‘really easy to use’ and  ‘can easily compete with higher-end models’.

One satisfied shopper said: “I must say it has exceeded my expectations in many ways. The picture quality is exceptional. It boasts vibrant colours and top-notch clarity, creating an immersive experience whether I’m watching movies, playing games or streaming content. With more streaming platforms offering Ultra HD and 4K content, I have not encountered any issues with the colours and vibrancy of the shows. Of course, the blacks may not be as deep and inky as OLED displays, but the impressive colours it does produce are worth the price. It can easily compete with higher-end models, but at a much lower cost.”

Another said: “This TV is really good value compared to other brands and the quality is brilliant, the frame and back are a great size/feel and has a huge variety of apps to use, performance has been fine so far and really easy to use.” 

A third said: “Value for money, I love the Alexa voice control whenever my baby has thrown the remote where I can’t find it. The dimming with the light in the sitting room is lovely too and most especially watching the 4K UHD brilliant colours. I will say it’s value for money. Thanks Amazon for this one! Good job!”

“Great value. Wait for a sale on this and you’re getting a really great value TV. On a par with Samsung,” a fourth added.

However, some customers have said the TV can be slow when watching terrestrial TV with Freeview. One buyer said: “It’s easy to use and absolutely fantastic with streaming services but watching Freeview is less good – channel changes are slow, and the Programme Guide even slower to load, to the point of being irritating! This doesn’t bother me so much because I mainly watch streaming services but for someone who mainly watches live TV it could be a bit of an annoyance.”


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