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Amazon Fresh opens second till-free supermarket in the UK – with more sites planned


Tech giant Amazon has opened its second till-free grocery store today close to Wembley stadium, just two weeks after it welcomed shoppers to its first London store in Ealing. The stores both sell food items including meat, fish, dairy, fruit and veg as well as bakery products.

Amazon is the world’s largest retailer but was yet to dominate the grocery industry until this month.

While the tech giant has online grocery delivery, the first physical store opened at the beginning of the month.

However, they are very different from a normal supermarket where customers must scan their products through a till.

Customers can use the Amazon app to enter with a QR code and then they can put their phone away. 

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The company’s first physical shop opened earlier this month in Ealing Broadway which saw lengthy queues.

Matt Birch, director of Amazon Fresh stores UK said: “Since opening our first Amazon Fresh store in Ealing, we’ve heard from our customers how much they enjoy the tasty food from our new ‘by Amazon’ range and the effortless shopping experience.

“The [Wembley Park] store features our Just Walk Out technology, which enables customers to take what they want and just walk out, making shopping for essential grocery items even more convenient.”

There is also hope for more Amazon Fresh stores to open around the UK.

Mr Birch recently said: “We hope to open a few more in London in areas like Ealing and believe it will work in residential areas and city centres.”

Foods sold in the stores include milk, eggs, butter as well as pre-packed sandwiches and ready meals.

The premium food range also features pudding options including a chocolate bomb. 

The technology works in Amazon Fresh by using hundreds of cameras which can be seen on the ceiling as well as depth-sensors.

Customers can find the new store in Wembley Park Boulevard, and it is open seven days a week. 

Amazon has also said it has applied best practises from across its business and has put in several measures in place to ensure it is offering a safe workplace for associates and shopping experience for customers. 

The maximum capacity of customers in store is 20 so there may be a queue during peak hours. 

There are also clear markers to remind everyone of the need to wear face coverings and as well as hand sanitiser being placed at the entrance of stores.


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