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All you need to know about vaccine passports – how to access, venues and rollout


Vaccine passports have long been mooted as a way to ensure large-scale events remain safe. Vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi said yesterday: “We are looking at, by the end of September when everyone has had the opportunity to be fully vaccinated, for the large venues, venues that could end up causing a real spike in infections, where we need to use the certification process.

“If you look at what the FA have done, they’ve done so brilliantly in terms of checking vaccine status to reopen football.

“That is the sort of right thing to do and we are absolutely on track to continue to make sure that we do that.

“There’s a reason for that … the reason being is that I, as does the Prime Minister, want to make sure the whole economy remains open.”

The minister said he wanted to avoid having to open and close venues continually so businesses could carry on as close to normal as possible.

He said: “The worst thing we can do for those venues is to have a sort of open-shut-open-shut strategy because we see infection rates rise because of the close interaction of people, that’s how the virus spreads if people are in close spaces in large numbers we see spikes appearing.

“The best thing to do then is to work with the industry to make sure that they can open safely and sustainably in the long term, and the best way to do that is to check vaccine status.”

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The UK’s Covid vaccine pass is part of the official NHS app – not the separate NHS Covid-19 contact tracing app.

The NHS app works by allowing people to register details such as their name, postcode and NHS number to link the app with their health record held by their GP.

This information is then shown in the app once people have logged in, allowing them to see their vaccination record as well as other medical information such as allergies and appointment records.

To find your vaccination status in the app, users can click the tab “your health” or click on the service “get your NHS Covid pass”.

You will then be presented with a QR code to present at an event or when you travel for confirmation.

This can be downloaded as a PDF, or you can ask for it to be sent to your email address.

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Where will I need a vaccine passport?

The types of venues likely to require double vaccination as a “condition of entry” will include football matches, concerts, business conferences, and other large-scale events.

Final decisions on the types of venues and size of events that will require vaccine certification have not been made yet, but Government sources have said they are likely to be “very similar” to plans already announced in Scotland.

Scotland currently has plans to introduce vaccine passports for nightclubs and large events, likely from the end of September also if Nicola Sturgeon’s plans are not voted down in Holyrood this week.

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