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All-out war fears as Russia violates NATO airspace in 'helicopter missile attack' threat


As a major NATO summit approaches Russia, in a highly provocative move, has violated Estonia’s airspace with a helicopter for the first time. Estonia claims the news comes as Russia is simulating missile strikes against the country daily.

The hostile move comes as tensions between Russia and another Baltic neighbour, Lithuania, have neared a breaking point after Lithuania blocked Russian train traffic through the country from its enclave Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea.

Estonian defence official Kusti Salm told journalists on Tuesday that the Russian threat has “never been as serious as it is now”.

Tallinn summoned the ambassador after a MI-8 border guard helicopter entered its airspace for two minutes without permission on Saturday evening.

Mr Salm claimed that there had been multiple other border violations by Russian helicopters over the last week.

A statement from Estonia’s Foreign Ministry flew over the south-east of the country.

It read: “Estonia considers this an extremely serious and regrettable incident that undoubtedly causes additional tensions and is completely unacceptable.”

“Russia must stop threatening its neighbours and understand that the price of the aggression Russia launched against Ukraine is indeed high.”

More to follow.

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