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All 34 houseplants that can be toxic to cats – and what to do if there's an emergency


Houseplants are hailed for their many benefits, from air purification to aesthetic qualities. However, for cat owners, picking the right type of houseplant is essential – especially if your kitty is prone to nibbling at leaves.

Luckily, cat charity Cats.org is on hand with a full list of plants that may be harmful to your pet.

Although not all houseplants are immediately toxic to cats, the experts do recommend showing caution with certain varieties.

Cats.org states: “Care should be taken when purchasing house plants, as varieties such as cycads, cheese plants and aloe vera are not cat-friendly.

“Seasonal plants like mistletoe and poinsettia are also dangerous.”

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Which houseplants are toxic to cats?

Plants of the cycad variety are the most warned against of all indoor plant varieties.

These include cycas revolute, sago palm, zamia and fern palm plants.

If eaten, this family of plants is extremely toxic to cats, as well as dogs, horses and people.

This family of plants contains a toxin called cycasin.

When a cat eats any part of these plants, the toxin goes directly to the liver and causes symptoms. When the toxin attacks the liver the cat can suffer from neurological disorders, abnormal bleeding, and clotting (which can lead to stroke).

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