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Alexa, it's time to get excited! Amazon to unleash new Echo, Fire TV, and more TODAY


If we had to wildly speculate on what we’re likely to see during the event tonight – a new model of the Amazon Echo makes sense. After all, it has been a year since the current-generation has been on the market. We’re likely to see new form-factors, new Echo models with touchscreens and cameras for video calls, and more. Let’s not forget that Amazon likes to throw-in some new products that nobody was expecting – from Amazon-branded earbuds to take Alexa on the road with you, to Ring security cameras that can fly around your home to check that every room is secure when you’re away. So, strap in for something that no rumour, analyst, or pundit forecast for the event.

The only thing we do know for sure is that we’re unlikely to see any new Kindle e-readers during the event. Amazon recently announced an all-new Kindle Paperwhite, with a bigger touchscreen display, more battery life, and fast-charging over USB-C. Pre-orders are already available, with the first units set to start shipping next month.

Amazon’s blockbuster event is invite-only, so you won’t find a stream available to watch on YouTube or Twitter, like we saw with the recent iPhone and Microsoft Surface events. Of course, Express.co.uk will bring you all of the latest announcements, so stay tuned for the latest reveals about new gadgets and subscription services right here.

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