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Alex Jones fires back as David Walliams mocks One Show star’s exit: ‘What are you saying!'


Ronan Keating and Alex Jones were back on The One Show sofas on Wednesday alongside their guest David Walliams. The Britain’s Got Talent judge helped the show pay a thank you to a hard-working teacher who’s been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic and was nominated by her pupils for Thank A Teacher Day. After a clip played of David surprising teacher Verity, the cameras returned to the studio where Alex revealed one of her colleagues was leaving the BBC show to embark on a similar career path.

“Verity’s face was a picture when you came in,” Alex said to David in the BBC studio after watching the surprise appearance unfold.

Alex continued: “And those children, they just reacted (adorably). You looked in your element there it has to be said.”

David replied: “Yes, I do really enjoy going into school and doing book events, and trying to encourage the kids to read and write.”

Soon after, Alex paid tribute to other educators who’ll be receiving rewards as part of the Thank A Teacher Day scheme, before turning her attention to producer, Charlotte.

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“It’s timely, isn’t it?” Alex said to Ronan after he’d read aloud the tributes being paid to teachers up and down the country.

She expanded: “Because our producer today, she’s called Charlotte (and) she’ll be dying of embarrassment,

“But she is leaving us because she’s going to become an English teacher in September.

“She’s decided she’s going to do a complete career -“ Alex continued before being cut off as David spotted the chance for a joke at The One Show’s expense.

David’s stint on the show certainly became a talking point with viewers at home, with many quick to praise his efforts in helping children with their education and surprising the teacher.

On Twitter, one viewer penned: “Despite being targeted by ‘The Cancel Culture’ brigade, 

“If any one of these idiots can honestly prove they’ve done as much for primary school literature as @davidwalliams has, I’ll tip my hat to them! #theoneshow.”

But it wasn’t just David’s antics that caught the eye as many were distracted by a change in his appearance.


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