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Aldi Specialbuys delayed for up to a month – Suez Canal blockage to blame


Supermarkets, including Aldi, have warned customers that there will be delays on the arrival of stock following the blockage of Egypt’s Suez Canal earlier this month. The Canal was blocked by a container ship for almost a week, causing havoc to global trade.

Due to the blockage, supermarkets have announced that there will be delays on some products, such as clothes, kitchen appliances, and other items that are not food.

Aldi has confirmed that there will be delays of up to a month or more on some of its Specialbuys.

The supermarket’s Specialbuys go on sale every Thursday and Sunday each week, but some items may not be available this weekend.

In a post shared to its Facebook page last week, Aldi said: “We’re sorry, the Specialbuys you’re looking for may have been delayed due to current events.

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“We are working hard to make them available as soon as possible,” the supermarket added.

At the beginning of this week, around 20 products were listed as affected by the delays on Aldi’s website.

However, the list was updated yesterday to only 10 products.

Seven of the items are cycling-related, including a mountain bike and a bicycle lock.


These products had been advertised as available from April 15, but now they are not expected to arrive stores until mid-May.

The three other products were a travel cot, a metal jerry can, and a multi-purpose floor mat.

The travel cot was supposed to be in stock from March 28, but now it is not due until late April.

As for the multi-purpose floor mat, it had been advertised as available from April 5, but it will be in stock from mid-May instead.

The metal jerry can was supposed to go on sale from April 18, but it will now also be available from mid-May.

Aldi has confirmed that the blockage of the Suez Canal for almost a week earlier this month had contributed to the delays, according to The Grocer.

Lidl has also said that it is likely that the Suez blockage could lead to delays on some of its products.

However, the discount retailer is not currently experiencing any problems.

Hundreds of customers commented on Aldi’s post when the supermarket announced the news of some delays, and they were not happy.

“For god sake where am I going to get a kayak and caravan steps from now,” one angry customer wrote.

Another shopper said: “A lot of Specialbuys seem impossible to buy! Either not available to buy on line or in shops not having stock. False advertising.”

“Not good enough,” another person added.


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