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Aldi Specialbuys delayed for month after Suez canal blockage


The supermarket giant said it is still feeling the effects of the Suez Canal blockage in March, which saw one of the world’s busiest trade routes become obstructed for almost one week. Aldi posted an apology to its shoppers online, saying: “A number of Specialbuys may be delayed due to current events. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.”

An Aldi spokesperson added: “We’re sorry. The Specialbuys you’re looking for may have been delayed due to current events.

“We are working hard to make them available as soon as possible.”

Aldi’s Specialbuys range includes a large variety of household items, from gardening utensils to beauty necessities.

The supermarket chain advertises Superbuys online as “amazing things with incredibly small prices” and the products are hugely popular with customers.

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Salvage teams freed the container ship using tugboats and tides at their highest point almost seven days after it initially became stuck.

The delayed products are expected to arrive in Aldi stores and online in around four weeks.


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