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Aldi shopper 'shaken' after being told off by checkout staff


The Australian woman wrote in an Aldi Mums Facebook group. She said: “I just had a really unpleasant experience in my local store reprimanded by the cashier for not packing my trolley the appropriate way and quick enough for her.

Others on Twitter have noted the speed at the discount supermarket, commenting on the efficiency of the Aldi checkout staff.

One wrote recently: “Does anybody else think the cashiers at Aldi are told to imagine every item is a grenade?”

“You might be fast but you can never be as fast as Aldi’s checkout staff,” one said.

Writing about their shopping experience, one said: “It can get stressful, especially at the cheaper chains like Aldi. The cashiers there are fast as lightning.”

One even went so far as to joke: “The UK needs to send a crack team if Aldi checkout operators to get the Suez Canal moving again.”

However, none reported receiving harsh words from the staff.

Aldi has said of its packing policy in the past: “Our employees are trained to operate the checkout at the right pace for each individual person they serve.”

In other Aldi news, the supermarket has released the duvet designed to prevent couples from arguing at night. The Aldi duvet could prevent couple squabbles at night with a cool and warm tog 

Couples who argue about being too warm or too cold while they sleep could find such a duvet solves many problems.

Aldi said the product had been launched “in response to Brits’ ongoing troubles in the bedroom”.

A spokesman for the supermarket chain added: “The duvet for two provides a much-needed sleep at an affordable price.

“It’s perfect for couples who spend their nights hogging the duvet or chucking the covers off.”


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