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Aldi secrets: Discount supermarket uses trick to make customers buy more Easter food


Aldi has become a popular supermarket choice for Britons in recent years with the discount retailer offering groceries a more affordable price compared to other shops. With Easter being one of the most important times of the year for the supermarket, Channel 5’s Aldi Easter Secrets shared just some of the ways customers are persuaded to buy more food.

Placing the chocolate towards the back of the store means customers have more time to see other food products they might want and means they will likely spend more money.

The middle aisles in Aldi, known as the ‘Aisle of Aldi’ is where customers can find the huge range of Specialbuy items. 

Again by placing occasional chocolate in these aisles, it gives shoppers longer for another product to catch their eye.

What’s more, the show discussed how hot cross buns are “key weapons” in Aldi’s Easter success. 

Discussing the retailers tactic on the Channel 5 show, psychology expert Siemon Scamell-Katz explained that by selling different flavoured hot cross buns each year, customers will keep coming back to pick up their favourites.

The hot cross bun range is also super affordable at the discount retailer, a tactic Aldi is well-known for.

However this doesn’t mean they’re any less tasty as the supermarket has won several awards for their delicious hot cross buns, including a Good Housekeeping Institute award. 

Fans were also delighted with the new hot cross bun flavours, sharing on social media their thoughts. 

One fan said: “Saw these at the checkout today, wish I’d bought them now.”

Another said: “Can’t wait for my next food shop now!”

“They all sound so yummy,” commented another Aldi fan.

The Channel 5 documentary explained that social media is a free way of advertising for the retailer. 

Another trick the discount supermarket uses to entice customers to buy more products is to strategically place best-selling food products at customers eye-level.

By placing Easter treats like hot cross buns at eye level, it means Aldi is opening the opportunity for more sales.

It is thought that my placing goods at eye level will receive more attention from shoppers, making it perfect for high-profit products. 

In one clip on the show, hot cross buns were placed directly at eye-level, a perfect strategy around Easter time.


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