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Alastair Campbell warns Brexit debate 'far from settled down' as UK-EU to keep clashing


Alastair Campbell said that the Brexit debate is far from settled and rues that he did not get more involved in the referendum campaign, wrongly thinking that Remain would come out on top in the end. The UK voted to leave the EU by a narrow margin of 52 percent to 48 percent in June 2016. Mr Campbell, who voted for the remain party in the EU elections, reiterated many times in the past that the country made the wrong choice, realising in hindsight that Brexit was nothing short of an arduous exercise. 

Asked whether the dust was finally settling, nearly six years on, the former spokesman of British Prime Minister Tony Blair insisted that the negatives cleary outweight the positives as he blamed a number of escalating problems on the UK’s departure from the EU.

He said: “It’s not settled by any manner of means. I am a passionate opponent of Brexit, I wish I had got involved more in the referendum campaign because like everybody else I just thought Remains are probably gonna win.

“Since then, I got involved in a campaign, to try and get a second referendum on the outcome of the negotiations [but] we lost that.

“Boris Johnson is now Prime Minister.


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“It’s very hard to see the fundamental issue being revisited in the short or medium-term.

“But here is the other weird thing that’s happened in our country and part of it has to do with this really weird symbiotic relationship between most of our media and the Tory government.

“There is so much going wrong with Brexit that barely gets debated and barely gets covered. The Labour Party back the deal in the end and they don’t really wanna talk about Brexit. Northern Ireland is a specific case where Johnson said there would be no border in the Irish Sea.

“But there is a border and he agree to it and that has had really serious implications for the constitutional arrangements and also for the economic fallout if you like. That is carrying on and yet to be resolved.


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“We had a thing the other week about thousands of pigs that had to be slaughtered because the EU workers that were in the abattoir are now gone.

“I think the Brexit debate is far from settled down.

Ian Wright, the chief executive of the Food and Drink Federation, announced in September that the days when customers were spoiled for choice and find nearly whatever product they want are over. 

But if Brexit was bad enough, the pandemic further exacerbated matters, contributing to a slowdown in the movement of goods and people across borders, while the shipping costs also increased. 

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