Home News After Queens man kills brother in murder-suicide, family grasps for answers

After Queens man kills brother in murder-suicide, family grasps for answers

A man who fatally shot his own brother and killed himself in Queens sent his wife and kids out of town the day of the rampage, say his parents — who feared he’d wanted to kill them, too.

Karamjit Multani, 33, killed Vipanpal Multani, 27, in Richmond Hill on Saturday night, authorities said.

That morning, Karamjit sent his wife and children ages 1, 2 and 4 to her home state of Indiana, seemingly out of the blue.

Karamjit Multani (Family Handout)
Karamjit Multani (family handout)

“Why would he send them out of nowhere? Whenever they go, they always go together,” the killer’s brother-in-law Jaspreet Singh told the Daily News on Monday.

Adding to the mystery, the brothers had been close.

“Honestly, we’re confused ourselves,” said Singh, 33. “It was a happy family. We were always hanging out together, making jokes, videos. 

A 27yr old man was pronounced dead on scene after he was shot multiple times inside of 94-42 111th Street in Queens on Saturday June 8, 2024.(Theodore Parisienne for New York Daily News)
Karamjit Multani, 33, killed Vipanpal Multani, 27, in Richmond Hill on Saturday night, authorities said. (Theodore Parisienne for New York Daily News)

“For him to explode like this, we don’t even know why,” he added. “It was just out of nowhere. I don’t know what was going on in his mind to act out like this.”

The brothers had occasional “little arguments” but were “best friends” who “never raised a hand” against each other, said Singh. They worked with their father in finance, he added.

That all changed over the weekend, when Karamjit Multani brandished guns in both hands in front of parents, who said they tried to disarm him as he hunted his brother.

Queens gunman shoots brother dead and wounds their mom before killing self

Theodore Parisienne for New York Daily News

Karamjit dashed off to 95th Ave. near 109th St., where he shot himself in the head on a sidewalk. (Theodore Parisienne for New York Daily News)

The parents and brothers had three separate bedrooms in the two-story brick house and Karamjit first went into his parents’ room, family said.

Not finding his brother there, the killer went to Vipanpal’s room and started blasting.

“He was shooting with two guns. So my father-in-law came from the back and grabbed him,” Singh said.

Remarkably, the father managed to snatch one of the guns and the mother, another — but Karamjit had yet another weapon tucked in his waistband — said father Bhupinder Multani.

Vipanpal Multani (Family Handout)
Vipanpal Multani (Family Handout)

“I grab him like this. I grab one gun. And my wife, she grab one, too,” he recounted.

Bhupinder’s wife also tried to shield her younger son during the rampage, suffering a gunshot wound to the torso during the chaos.

Bhupinder kept a hold on his son until he was able to shove him out the front door. Once outside, the gunman went in his car and changed his clothes, the family said. 

When cops arrived, he ran behind the house, jumped a fence, then shot himself in the head in front of a house on 95th Ave.

Medics took the 52-year-old mother to Jamaica Hospital in stable condition.

Though he said he’d never seen signs of anger, depression or instability, Bhupinder thinks his eldest son planned the attack and intended to wipe out everyone in the house.

“He wanted to kill me. He wanted to kill my wife,” the stunned father said. “He wanted to kill my son.”

Singh described Karamjit as a family man.

“Every weekend, they post pictures with kids,” he said. “He was a very good father, hard-working. Never a problem like this … He was making good money.”

His wife is the middle child in the family.

“She lost both of her brothers in one night,” Singh said.

The massacre has left the entire family devastated.

“This has taken a toll on them mentally, emotionally,” Singh said. “The mother lost both of her sons in one night.

“She’s so close with their younger brother and the older one,” he said of his wife. “They all grew up together and have so many memories. For her older brother to take out her younger brother like that, of course, it’s crazy.”

Like the mother, the confused and hurt father said he is grieving for both sons.

“Somebody who lost two sons, how do I feel?” he said. “I can’t explain. I lost everything.”


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