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After 30 years, conviction vacated for Brooklyn armed robbery murder

Nearly 30 years after being arrested for murder for participating in the armed robbery of a lumber yard that left a worker dead, a Brooklyn man’s conviction will be vacated on Thursday, authorities announced.

Despite insisting on his innocence for decades, Steven Carrington, 56, served 23 years in prison after being found guilty of murder for taking part in the robbery that ended with an employee dead from gunshot wounds.

“A full investigation by my Conviction Review Unit concluded that this was a case of mistaken identity, where numerous red flags were ignored both before and after Mr. Carrington’s conviction,” Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said Thursday.

Shannon France robbed Lumber Headquarters on Church Ave. in East Flatbush on January 2, 1995, ordering Hugh Keizs, a customer in the store, to leave when France walked in. He then shot employee Lloyd St. George Campbell twice, killing him.

An accomplice, identified at the time as Carrington, was said to have robbed Keizs of a pinky ring and watch before the customer left.

Keizs fingered Carrington as the robber, which sealed the deal for a conviction, but the identification was never tested for reliability and should not have been used at trial, according to a new report from the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Conviction Review Unit.

The unit has identified the likely actual accomplice from the 1995 incident and uncovered secret recordings of that man expressing afternoon in Brooklyn Supreme Court, according to the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office regret for the incident and subsequent conviction of Carrington.

France was arrested after Carrington in June 1995 with the help of Daily News readers after his photo appeared in a “Brooklyn’s Most Wanted” column in the paper.

In a 2012 affidavit and at parole hearings France said Carrington was not involved, the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office says.

Carrington was released from prison in 2018.


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