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Acting the innocent? Kate Middleton in baby pink for first event since Meghan spat claims


Kate Middleton looked elegant today in a pink outfit to visit a primary school in London. This was the first time that the Duchess was seen since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey on Sunday night.

As jewellery, Kate wore small gold hoop earrings which she has worn multiple times before, most recently for a video call in February with a student nurse studying at Ulster University.

Kate’s choice of wearing all pink is significant and may have a deeper meaning.

Pink is a warm colour, representing love and tenderness, according to colour websites.

A light pink, such as the shade Kate wore, is delicate and may symbolise friendship, affection, harmony, peace, and approachability.

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Wearing this shade may be the Duchess’ way of attempting to radiate positivity and charm, or perhaps even innocence.

This comes after the claims made by Meghan on Sunday night that Kate made her cry before her wedding in 2018.

Personal stylist and fashion expert Samantha Harman agrees that there is a meaning behind the Duchess of Cambridge’s outfit today.

She said: “Lots of thought and planning goes into royal engagement looks.

“Far from being superficial, what you wear says a lot about you and we can use clothing to convey a message to the world,” Samantha added.

“Pink is a calming colour associated with kindness and femininity.

“So it could be that Kate wants to portray a sense of calm at a time when she knows the eyes of the world are on her.”

The personal stylist continued: “This is her first public engagement since the Oprah interview and the pressure to get the look right and convey the right message has probably been intense.”

During Sunday night’s interview with Oprah, Meghan responded to the reported claims that she had made Kate cry.

The Duchess of Sussex said that the opposite had happened.

However, Meghan said that she did not want to be “disparaging to anyone” and claimed that Kate had apologised with flowers and a note “to take accountability”.

Kate was today seen in the car leaving Kensington Palace with Prince William by her side.

The prince wore a dark coat and jumper, a white shirt, and a blue mask.


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