Home World 'Absolutely shameful': Fury over 'sickening' sex acts 'filmed in Australia's parliament'

'Absolutely shameful': Fury over 'sickening' sex acts 'filmed in Australia's parliament'


Following the revelation that staff members in Parliament had allegedly filmed themselves performing sex acts in the House, Mr Morrison said he was “shocked and disgusted”. According to reports, male staff members set up a Facebook Messenger group where they shared images and videos performed in Parliament House. Mr Morrison said: “It’s just absolutely shameful.

“I was completely stunned, as I have been on more than one occasion over the course of this last month.

“We must put the politics aside of these things, and we must recognise this problem, acknowledge it and we must fix it.”

In a press conference on Tuesday, Mr Morrison stated he took responsibility for the state of the Parliament.

He also claimed he was listening to the experience of women in Parliament and vowed to “get his house in order”.

According to the Ten Network, several male staff members of the ruling coalition had performed sex acts in Parliament house, including on the desk of some female politicians.

One staff member of an MP has been sacked over the scandal.

One female staff member made further revelations of mistreatment of women in Parliament House prompting the Prime Minister to hold a press conference today.

Mr Morrison added: “I say to you girls – I will not let you down.

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“That is all our job, it is my job, it is my ministers’ jobs, it is my members and senators jobs, it is your job.

“I acknowledge many have not liked or appreciated some of my own personal responses to this over the course of the last month, I accept that.

“Whether that was seeking to openly share how I try and deal with such dramatic events, people might like the fact that I discuss these with my family – they are the closest people in my world to me.

“Everyone has a right to feel safe at work.

“The reports aired tonight are disgusting and sickening.”


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