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A Place in the Sun's Laura Hamilton ends viewing before guests step inside 'My nightmare'


Laura, 39, was on hand to help husband and wife Karen and Alastair find their dream home in the French region of the Dordogne during the classic episode of A Place in the Sun. The couple were willing to put down £175,000 for the right property and the Channel 4 presenter believed she had five homes waiting in the wings they would absolutely love. However, by the time the third viewing of the search came along, the guests were refusing to go any further than the front door.

Having had some success with the first two properties, Laura took the couple to see a three-bedroom house with a built-in pool.

It was on the market for just under £157,000 but the pair knew from their first glimpse of the property this was not the one for them.

The presenter asked Karen for her initial thought and the guest simply replied: “No,” before explaining what was so wrong.

“It’s not a patch on the previous house and it’s my worst nightmare. People are overlooking you and there are hill walkers passing by the garden.

“There is a real lack of privacy,” she continued, with Alastair agreeing this was not the right property for them.

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“Even if it was perfect from the inside, this wouldn’t be for us,” Alastair told the presenter, who ended the viewing.

Laura told the couple: “I don’t want to flog a dead horse so if this is an outright no, we will leave it here.”

The guests agreed and therefore, the property expert proceeded with the rest of the search but they were particularly impressed with property number two.

This was a five-bedroom converted barn on the market for £147,000 and instantly, Alastair was impressed by what was in front of him.

Laura noticed her guest’s body language had changed and she asked him what was going.

On the market for £165,000, the house included five bedrooms, a swimming pool, and plenty of outdoor space.

Seeing it from the outside, Karen became emotional as she couldn’t get over how perfect the establishment was.

As they looked around the property, Alastair’s wife began crying again and they said they wanted to put down an offer straight away.

The presenter insisted they went and had a coffee to talk through numbers before confirming everything with the agent.

Before speaking with the couple again, Laura registered their interest to ensure it wasn’t snatched up.

Sitting down with the husband and wife again, she asked why they didn’t want to sleep on their decision and they explained they’d found their perfect home.

They told the presenter they wanted to make an offer of the full asking price, with no deductions or increases.

Laura told the agents the couple wanted all the furniture included and would be willing to move in straight away.

Within seconds, the property expert had a callback and was told Karen and Alastair had secured the deeds.

The host was ecstatic to see the couple had got everything they wanted in what was one of the quickest sales the show had ever seen.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.


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