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A Place In The Sun host Laura Hamilton shuts down 'upsetting' rumours she's leaving show


Laura Hamilton has reassured her boss that she has no intention of leaving A Place In The Sun. The Channel 4 presenter quickly shut down rumours after reports suggested she wanted to work on another travel show with her Birds With Baggage podcast co-host, La Voix.

The 38-year-old presenter said that although she had spoken about working on a new project with her co-star, it did not mean she was quitting the show that she has fronted since 2012.

She admitted that she had been left upset by the speculation.

The TV star immediately spoke to her boss to clarify her intentions.

When asked about the rumours during a new interview, she dismissed the claims.

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In her interview, Laura went on to point out that she had her own coffee shop and restaurant which had not interfered with her TV job.

She was particularly concerned as the rumours could have a “very detrimental” effect on her career.

She went on to confirm once again that she was not leaving the show.

In a couple of weeks time, she will head to Spain to film scenes for a new series of the popular programme.


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