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A Place In The Sun host Jonnie Irwin 'exasperated' as he clashes with buyer over crystals


Jonnie Irwin, 47, has recalled an infuriating experience he faced while filming A Place In The Sun. The presenter admitted he struggled to not lose his cool after a potential property buyer used a bizarre method when deciding on their dream home abroad.

The Channel 4 presenter had taken a woman on a property search in Madeira, Portugal but the house hunt didn’t exactly go to plan.

The small-screen star revealed the moment in question had left him “exasperated” after the buyer pulled out her crystals which she used to make her decision.

While Jonnie admitted every house hunter has the right to be “picky”, there are times he comes face-to-face with a nightmare buyer.

“I suppose my most exasperated experience in recent times was a lady who wanted to buy in Madeira because of all things it was the closest to the lost city of Atlantis,” Jonnie explained.

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Jonnie chuckled: “No, [she didn’t buy]. The crystal said no. I did suggest getting a different crystal.

“I even tried blowing it in the other direction but she wasn’t having it.”

Despite his back and forth with the house hunter, Jonnie admitted that the process of finding a property abroad for a potential buyer is not a quick process and it’s important for the presenters to be their guide.

He commented: “I get a lot of feedback on Twitter and Instagram. And people say, ‘Oh this couple was a nightmare.’

“But I think everyone has got a right to be a bit picky, really. It’s a lot of money and it’s a big decision.

“It’s a long-term decision. So they’ve got the right to be a bit picky.”

Jonnie went on: “I might look a bit exasperated because sometimes I genuinely am but other times I think that’s fair enough.

“We [presenters] have got to try harder and I’ve got to try harder to try and reason with these people to let them know that maybe they do want the moon on the stick.”

A Place In The Sun airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 3pm.


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