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A Place In The Sun couple’s extreme weight loss after seeing themselves on camera


Lisa and Paul did not realise how much the weight they had put on until they saw themselves on camera.

Security supervisor Paul, 47, said: “We watched ourselves on TV and were shocked. We said some of the timber needed to go, and we weren’t talking about the house we had just bought!”

Macmillan nurse Lisa, 49, battled breast cancer prior to filming the show in 2019. She said: “I knew I had struggled with my weight since the chemotherapy but seeing us both looking like that on screen made me know we had to do something.”

The mum of three told the Daily Star: “We both looked at each other and said, ‘Oh my word, something has to change here.”

On the show, the Barnsley couple were searching for a holiday home in Spain to visit with their three children and seven grandchildren.

Presenter Jasmine Harman was overwhelmed with the emotional reason behind the couple’s property search when Lisa revealed her cancer battle. Paul said on the show: “This means everything to us. Before Lisa got cancer I used to worry about the trivial things, but, what is the point. If we have been through that we can get through anything can’t we.”

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Lisa continued: “We didn’t think when I was having my treatment, that we would ever get to a point like this. This is everything that we have been dreaming about.”

They found themselves a stunning £72,500, three-bedroom bungalow on the Costa Blanca and were excited to watch the episode they were starring in three months later. However, the excitement turned to shock when they were disheartened by the way they looked.

After the show aired, the couple were motivated to join Weight Watchers. They cut junk food out of their diet and incorporated exercise into their lifestyle.

It comes as one woman lost a staggering 12 stone following a healthy diet plan.

Donna Griffiths, from Cardigan Bay, revealed that she dropped the weight after joining her local slimming club and educating herself on healthy eating.

She also used Spicentice spice kits to recreate healthier versions of her favourite takeaway meals.

Now, she has gone from a size 22 to comfortably fitting in a size 10.


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