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A good date should end in sex, says Ulrika Jonsson, 54 – and now it’s finally MY turn to have some fun


ULRIKA Jonsson is throwing caution to the wind and has decided it is finally her time to have fun with men.

The star, 54, has signed up to the new series of Celebs Go Dating after realising she is ready to find herself a fella.


Ulrika Jonsson is ready to have ‘fun’ when it comes to her love life[/caption]


The former weather girl says she sacrificed her 20s and 30s for her children and career[/caption]


Ulrika has four kids[/caption]

Ulrika admits she sacrificed fun and frolics in her 20s and 30s for her career and kids so is now ready to make up for lost time.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, the mum-of-four – who found fame as a weather girl in the late 80s – said: “I love to love and I’d love to be loved.

“Everyone was having fun in their 20s and 30s. I wasn’t.

“I had a career. I married at 23. Had first child at 27. For me life was about family and career. 

“I am doing all the fun s*** now. For me, I guess it is the way life is meant to be.

“That’s the way it has unfolded.”

She added: “A good date is what? One that ends in sex? That is why people are hooking up. Let’s not pretend.”


Ulrika has been married three times and has a string of famous exes, yet only went on her first date less than a year ago.

Blaming her country-living lifestyle, she explained: “I live in back s*** of beyond. I go for dog walks. I don’t go out. I don’t meet people.”

The Swedish stunner turned to dating apps in a bid to meet a man, but admits she has struggled to spot fake profiles.

She often calls upon her sister to help her spot ‘catfish’.

Ulrika has also found herself being ghosted by potential suiters, meaning they have suddenly cut off all communication after getting into a conversation.

She has even tried exclusive celebrity dating app Raya, which is private and offered on a membership basis only.

But the star says it is “full of w******”.

She adds: “They also want me to prove who I am. I have the whole thing of ‘prove yourself …’ Now I am going, ‘Who the f*** are you?’”

Admitting that she is now prioritising fun and that she does fancy Liam Neeson and Sting, Ulrika says she wants love but not necessarily a conventional relationship – or The One.

“I am big on Instagram but I never check my direct messages,” she says. “I have 100 million… I just don’t check them. That would be exhausting. Like, how do you do that?

“I was always previously looking for The One. I am not any more.

“I don’t need anyone. I am really happy in my own company. And I also – I am not into settling down. I’ve done all that.  I want to do all the best bits. All the stuff I didn’t do in my 20s and 30s.”


A surprise signing on Celebs Go Dating, which usually attracts young reality stars half her age, Ulrika confesses she only signed up to the show – which kicked off on E4 this week – because her kids told her to.

The star is mum to daughters Bo, 21, and Martha, 17, and sons Cameron, 27, and Malcolm, 13.

Ulrika admits she found the experience emotional at times and describes chatting to dating gurus Anna Williamson and Paul Carrick Brunson “amazing”.

She also says her time on the E4 has changed her attitude to dating.

Ulrika says: “I have made some really good connections, people I have had dates with but who I’ve still stayed in touch with.

“I will make massive changes going forward.

“I will still do dating apps. I am going to be brutally f***ing honest. If you can’t take it mate, that’s it.

“You do that whole thing of, ‘I’ve got to be polite’…no, definitely not. Not my thing.

“People want to meet up for sex, that’s one thing. But I might not want that.”


Ulrika has signed up to the new series of Celebs Go Dating[/caption]

Channel 4

She says her attitude to dating has changed thanks to the E4 show[/caption]

  • Celebs Go Dating is on E4 on Mondays at 9pm. The line-up includes TOWIE’s Chloe Brockett, reality star Marty McKenna, Singer Abz Love and Apprentice contestant Ryan-Mark Parsons.

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