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3 Reasons why Local SEO Works


There is a lot of hype about being found on the 1st page of the prominent search engines. This is indeed important, but only if its relevant for your business. For example, if you are a local Palm Beach enterprise that has a focus on your local area for most of your business, then ranking top of a search for your products in Washington, is not what your business is looking for.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a long game and best strategized by a professional. The decisions you make as a business owner (in terms of where to focus your energy) will either pay dividends or detract from the success of your business.

Focus locally if locally is where you intend to make your money, a localized business who is not prepared to travel across country, does not necessarily want calls from out of their delivery zone. This is why the focus on local SEO has become so important. Below are the 3 main reasons local SEO works and why your business needs to take this aspect of your SEO strategy seriously.

1.     Top of the Results for Local Searches

Local SEO is how your SEO professional or consultant will focus on your localized area of operation. This is essential for all small businesses, which are not necessarily selling online, but who want an online presence. It ranges from the local whole foods store to the local surfboard shop and would include all local services from garden maintenance to home improvement firms. It allows you to frame your area of operation in your key words and phrases, ensuring that your site is ranked for narrow geographically defined searches.

Google notes that 76% of those who do a local mobile search visit the store within the next 24hrs. Further research shows that in 2020  93% of US consumers searched online for a local business. Your aim as a business is to be top of the searches for your specific product in your local area and local SEO is a major step in this direction.

2.     Increased Traffic to your Store

The idea of a localized SEO strategy is that the higher ranking you have, will directly correlate to an increase in numbers of people coming to the store or ordering your services. If it is something that cannot be sent out of state or a service you are not prepared to deliver to a wide area, then local is where you need to be focusing. This local focus will drive customers to the store.

3.     It is a Custom Online Strategy

Localized SEO must be custom made for your enterprise. It is based on the specific service or product and the area that you are based in. Your business SEO therefore becomes a unique strategy based on your knowledge of your customers and clients and the SEO professionals understanding of the local SEO requirements. This is why having a specific professional plan and implement the strategy is better than an out of the box, one size fits all SEO solution.

As an example, if you want to make an impact and keep it local, and you are in Palm Beach then you would want to go with a Palm Beach SEO company who understand local SEO. This allows you to have a local SEO strategy run by those who clearly understand the context within which your business operates.

If your business is online and you need to be found in your local area, then you must have a local SEO strategy. Furthermore, look and think local where your SEO is concerned to see if the help you need is closer than you realize.


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