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3 common car modifications have drivers risking steep fines up to £5,060 & licence points

Car insurance experts have highlighted three common vehicle modifications that can carry significant penalties — one of which is the UK’s second-most-common automotive customisation.

The three modifications, which can pose up to a combined £5,060 in fines and nine licence points, include lowering suspension, adding large spoilers, and tinting windows.

Suspension changes are the second-most common type of car modification in the UK, with 67,796 vehicles having changes, according to Compare the Market.

However, alterations must not interfere with steering or affect the height of the headlights on the car, two possible results of a suspension modification.

Suspension changes can change a steering system’s geometry, affecting its handling and altering the angle at which the headlights are aimed.

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Front tinted windscreens must let at least 75 per cent of light in, with side windows slightly lower at 70 per cent.

Julie Daniels from the car insurance team at Compare the Market said: “No matter how minor the modifications are, any alterations to a car can potentially impact the cost of your car insurance.

“Often it will cost more to insure a modified car because of factors such as: greater possibility of theft, higher risk of speed-related accidents, or simply because your car has increased in value and repairs may now cost more.

“If you decide to modify your car while you have an existing insurance policy, you need to notify your provider about the change.

“Ideally, you should check with your provider before altering your vehicle to find out how it might affect your premium or if there will be any amendment fees involved.”


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