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27 serious offences committed by paroled prisoners


Of the murders subject to serious further offence reviews in 2020/21, all four prisoners had been jailed for lesser offences, including malicious wounding, robbery, ABH and GBH.

Regarding the new sex offences, six were by previous sex offenders, including two paedophiles who committed further attacks on children.The other was by a freed convicted drug dealer who went on to rape.

One convicted robber released from a controversial, now axed, indeterminate sentence of Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) – which had meant they could be kept in indefinitely if safety concerns continued – went on to commit a non-terror related conspiracy to cause an explosion.

Three of the cases up for review were of convicted murderers who went on to commit arson, possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life and an attempted kidnapping respectively upon release. Eleven of the 27 were released from IPP sentences.

A Parole Board spokesman said it is “committed to doing everything it can to learn the lessons that will help to prevent further tragedies”.

The board spokesman stressed: “In 2020/21, the Parole Board released 4,289 prisoners and refused the release of 12,154. Recommendations for open prison were made in 717 cases. Over this period, 27 serious further offences were referred to the Parole Board Review Committee.

“The Parole Board’s serious further offence rate is consistently around 0.5 per cent and only one in four of the prisoners reviewed by the board meet the legal test for release.

“The vast majority are ordered to remain behind bars for the protection of the public.”

They added: “Prisoners directed for release by the board are released on licence to be managed in the community by the Probation Service.

“It is able to recall an offender to custody at any point if their behaviour causes concern.”

Of the offenders released after a parole review in 2020/21, 699 were murderers, rapists and people convicted of terror offences.This was an increase of 101 on the year before.

The spokesman pointed out that the majority of serious further offences were committed by prisoners released in the standard way after completing half of their sentence, with 499 of these reported to the Ministry of Justice in the same period.

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