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20p item cats ‘won’t go near’ to stop them pooing in your garden and digging up plants

Cats can become a pest for many in gardens, wreaking havoc and damaging plants.

Cats are carnivores and so their faeces contain parasites that can cause a lot of concern for those who plan to eat any produce that they are growing.

However frustrating gardeners find trespassing cats, it’s important to know the law before they use any deterrents. 

By law, cats have the right to roam, which means they are legally allowed to wander into neighbouring gardens. 

Cats are also protected by the Animal Welfare Act 2006, so causing harm to a cat using any homemade or shop-bought deterrent could be deemed an offence and leave you with a big fine or even a prison sentence.

Luckily, gardeners have shared a humane deterrent which “won’t harm them at all”, instead it will just make them want to leave.

Fed up with her neighbour’s cats using his garden as their toilet, one man took to the Gardening Hints and Tips Facebook group to ask for help.

Steve Mclane said: “Can anyone recommend a humane way of stopping neighbours cats using my garden as their toilet? Thanks.”

Many gardeners claimed to have had success when using citrus peels scattered around their outdoor areas – particularly orange peels.

Julie Crawey wrote: “I seem to have some new resident cats in my garden this year. Remove the cat poo and put orange peels around. They seem to hate it.”

Mary Vale said: “Citrus peel scattered around worked for me. They smell it and scurry away.”

Nona Maffei commented: “Citrus fruit peel. I remember I bought a big box of oranges at Christmas time and had them stored in the utility area, and our cat whose food bowl and water were in there, wouldn’t go near it. It took us a while to work out why and it was the smell of oranges so I know 100 percent that it works.”

Lucy Prime said: “Orange peel. Cats hate citrus and will run away from it.” A pack of five oranges retails for just 99p at Asda. This works out as 20p per orange. Elsewhere at Sainsbury’s and Tesco a single orange can be picked up for 30p.


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