Home News 2 Oklahoma women missing, car found abandoned near Kansas border

2 Oklahoma women missing, car found abandoned near Kansas border

Authorities in Kansas and Oklahoma were searching for two women after they disappeared over the weekend near the state border.

Jilian Kelley, 39, and Veronica Butler, 27, were traveling together from Hugoton, Kan. to “pick up children” on Saturday, the town’s police department said. But they never reached their intended destination, which authorities did not reveal.

Their vehicle, which was not described, was found abandoned Saturday near an intersection in Texas County, Okla, about 10 miles south of Elkhart, Kan., according to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. Elkhart, a 2,000-person town, sits north of the Kansas-Oklahoma border.

Kelley has light brown hair and blue eyes and was wearing a long-sleeve shirt and blue jeans, according to police. Butler has red hair and green eyes, and she was wearing a short-sleeve shirt and denim shorts, cops said. Butler stands 5-foot-4, while Kelley’s height was not listed.

Butler has “several tattoos,” and Kelley has a butterfly tattoo on her left forearm, according to authorities.

Kelley’s husband, Heath Kelley, is a recently appointed church minister at Willow Christian Church in Indianola, Neb. The church is about 215 miles north of Hugoton.

“Please, please be in prayer for these women,” Willow Christian Church wrote Sunday morning on Facebook. “Jillian is the wife of our new minister, Heath Kelley, and the sister-in-law of church member Hillary Kennedy. Please pray that Jillian and her friend Veronica are safe and that they are found quickly. God please bring these women home to their families that are so worried about them.”

Heath Kelley currently preaches at Hugoton First Christian Church, according to the Kansas City Star. The church opened Saturday night for “continuous prayers” after Kelley and Butler were reported missing.


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